Shanghai Daze: The Unmaterial Girl x THE M|N|ML

There's nothing we love more than stories (and pics) of our pieces being worn by real women IRL in exciting destinations. So, when one of our favourite sustainable style muses, Leah Musch aka The Unmaterial Girl, packed one of THE M|N|ML's most-loved styles for a speaking gig at ACTAsia in Shanghai, we knew we were in for some goodies.  

From one river city (Brisbane) to another – Shanghai sits nestled on the banks of the Yangtze estuary – Leah hit the streets to explore in our ultimate suitcase staple THE WANDERER DRESS in black.

An enigmatic neo-tech metropolis and the biggest city in China, Shanghai is a richly layered tapestry of juxtaposition; the futuristic skyline pulses with neon-lit energy yet the frenetic pace is tempered by the city's colonial throwbacks and a history steeped in diversity. From food (noodles, dumplings and soups abound... YUM) to, architecture, art and fashion with heart, Shanghai is the perfect accompaniment to the clean lines and simplicity of our version of the classic LBD.   
 Leah  WEARS the wanderer dress in shanghai Leah  WEARS the wanderer dress in shanghai

Leah  WEARS the wanderer dress in shanghai

Leah  WEARS the wanderer dress in shanghai

Have you wandered in your WANDERER? Tell us where in the comments below! 

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