About the Label

THE M|N|ML - Ethical Clothing

The M|N|ML is an ethical clothing label redefining basics for contemporary women.  

Made from sustainably sourced materials, predominantly GOTS-certified organic cotton and linen, the majority of our pieces are manufactured locally by an ECA (Ethical Clothing Australia) accredited factory based in Sydney. Some of the styles we sell, are manufactured in ethical off-shore factories in India and Bangladesh. You can find the details of construction and manufacturing on each style's page. 

OCC also happens to be the only Australian Certified Organic (ACO) factory for apparel manufacturing in Australia! We are committed to creating positive change, while minimising the impact of the fashion industry on the world around us. Spurred on by events and reports of human rights abuses, like the Rana Plaza catastrophe, and the global movement towards a more sustainable fashion industry, we hope to inspire change by creating a dialogue – and awareness – about the true cost of fashion.  

Fashion that does good and feels good.

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