Ch-ch-changes | We're Moving To Made-To-Order Slow Fashion

Ch-ch-changes | We're Moving To Made-To-Order Slow Fashion

We’re changing the way we do things. 

If you’ve followed along since the start of THE M|N|ML journey, you’ll know that we’ve always favoured slow fashion and mindful consumption over its fast and mindless cousin. It filters into everything we do and we’re constantly checking our processes to refine and align.

One side of the business that has always been a challenge for us – both ethically and financially – has been manufacturing. We’ve simplified the process somewhat in that we aren’t caught in the speedy trend/season cycle. Because we create transeasonal pieces designed to be worn and loved for a long time rather than a short time, we’re (thankfully) not trapped in the endless design–production-sale loop. 

But even with small, ethical production the process of predicting demand and then producing to minimums has its pitfalls. In fact, it’s a process that – on a large corporation scale – has seen the creation of excess stock, overs and unnecessary items making their way to landfill (or in the case of big fashion brands XYZ, being burnt). 

We’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with that way of operating and feel irresponsible if we don’t change the way we’re doing things. 

Long story short: we’re moving from a full stock-on-hand model to a combination of small production runs – with a local sewing studio – and made-to-order in-house. 

Which pieces does it apply to? 

The styles that we outsource – to a Brisbane-based social enterprise assisting refugee women returning to work and up-skilling – are those that we can’t make ourselves thanks to limitations such as specialised equipment for finishing. Currently, that includes our new styles, THE ISLAND TUNIC SHIRT and THE PALMS JUMPSUIT.

Made to order includes: 

Our sell-out PALAZZO PANTS (white only)

THE TULIP SHORT (launch date TBC)

THE DESERT SKIRT (launch date TBC)

THE MOSS SLIP (launch date TBC)

There will still be a selection of items (such as basic mens and womens tees and a few dresses) that we’ll sell from stock we pre-purchase. But we only order small quantities from our original manufacturer, which holds ECA, ACO, Fairtrade and GOTS certifications to ensure our standards are upheld.

A bit about our pricing...

Our prices reflect the fact that our styles are made well, meant to be worn over and over, and they uphold one of our core values: fairness. We place major emphasis on creating clothing that will show full respect to the makers, the fabric and the planet.

As always, drop us a line at or DM us if you want to chat or have questions – or even answers!


Our production turnaround is 5-7 business days and we ship from Brisbane metro areas using Sendle or Australia Post. 

Placing an order is business as usual: follow all the standard steps, check out and complete your transaction and choose your shipping method. Then, our wonderful eco-elves will start to work their magic to get your precious package out to you as soon as possible.

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