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Ugh, Winter. That rascal of a season when chapped lips and dry, flaky skin snuggle up for an unwanted spooning session.    

Whatever your normal beauty routine, it's safe to say that when the cool wind blows, you'll need to up the ante to maintain any semblance of your usual self.

Put away that basic tub of pawpaw ointment though, we've got you covered with this list of luxe winter beauty products saving us from a serious case of S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder). 

Winter Beauty products - mukti vital C

Skin Food by Weleda
When I stumbled across Skin Food (on beauty bible Into The Gloss) by cult natural beauty brand Weleda, the reviews were glowing. G-LO-W-I-N-G: as in the state of your skin once you slather lashings of this miracle balm all over yourself. Okay, so slather might be a bit exuberant but this super thick and creamy balm/ointment/cream is a serious powerhouse. Use it as a lip balm, cuticle cream, a primer or a day and night cream for skin that's dewey, radiant and supple all year round.   

Microneedle Dermal Roller
If hundreds of needles piercing your skin over and over sounds like medieval torture, then you've clearly never heard of microneedling. The treatment is credited with reducing fine lines, scars, oil production and acne by boosting collagen production and elastin. It's also said to help with serum absorption thanks to the new, tiny holes in your face. Eeek. Sounds intense but there's barely any pain and we've seen marked improvements in our skin complaints since using one.         

Mukti Vital C Elixir
If you live in a city, are in the sun a lot or in fact just have a face, then you should be using a vitamin C serum. Banish wrinkles, fine lines and combat free radicals and environmental pollutants with this organic formulation from Mukti. Like an elixir of youth, this combination of vitamin C and native botanicals plus CoQ10 and vitamin E, will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking bright and fresh.   

Yarok Feed Your Youth Hair & Scalp Serum
Winter doesn't discriminate when it comes to follicles. If your hair isn't feeling its usual luscious self, then get yourself a hair treatment, stat! This oil-based hair and scalp serum from Nourished Life gives your locks a much-needed injection of healthy and nourishing moisture repairing damage and increasing softness. Packed with goodies like apricot kernel and avocado oils, it also smells delish.   

RMS Buriti Bronzer
Sometimes you just have to fake until you make it. And thanks to Rosie Marie Swift and her organic makeup range, you'll have the most believable and natural summer glow well before winter kicks the bucket for another year. Sweep this creamy shimmer across your cheekbones, cupid's bow and bridge of your nose for an instant just-returned-from-the-Bahamas look. One, two, three, glow!   

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