Black Friday: Why It Ain't Our Jam

Every year, Black Friday rears its heavily discounted head.

As small business owners, it's been mighty tempting to jump on the bandwagon for a quick spike in sales every time there is a Click Frenzy, online shopping night or Black Friday type sale.

But, as a brand that espouses quality over quantity, it’s the very antithesis of why we do things. It’s also a policy of ours to only do sales in exceptional circumstances and encouraging people to buy more than they need because it’s a certain day of the year doesn’t sit well with us.

It definitely creates challenges for our marketing plans because we can’t just fallback on the traditional model of discounts and sale cycles but we’re proud of the fact that we're not adding to mindless, excessive consumption.

And we rest easy knowing that sales we make are treasured and valued by the people who wear them for longer than it takes to get to the next frenetic sale event. 

Thank you for making the move to shop well and support small businesses that make a difference. Head to the shop now to get your mitts on some feel good wardrobe additions.